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pipetus 50th anniversary model

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25% discount off the Hirschmann 50th anniversary pipetus

The classic pipetus now available in classic black finish for Hirschmann's 50th Anniversary

This rechargeable pipette filler is for all pipettes from 0.1 ml up tp 200 ml.

Highly accurate pipetting enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic compound. The pump motor emits low noise levels and is free of vibration.

pipetus comes complete with mains operated charger unit and charging stand for inductive charging, colour display with battery level indicator.

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Offer valid until: 30 September 2017
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All SCAT Products

SCAT caps

10% discount off SCAT Safety & Waste System Caps and Containers

Improve chromatographic results by preventing retention time shifts from concentration changes in solvents due to evaporation.
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Protecting health Contamination can be significantly reduced through the use of SCAT SafetyCaps. Measurements conducted by an officially accredited laboratory resulted in a 73% reduction of contaminant concentrations in the condition of the air of a room.

Saving money Fewer chemicals are needed – SCAT Safety Caps prevent the leakage and waste of ex- pensive solvents that would otherwise end up in the fume hood.

Optimizing the work flow All safety caps rotate freely without twisting tubes. Even when using several connectors, the container can be quickly replaced without twisting any tubes.

Protecting the environment All measures simultaneously serve to guarantee the protection of our environment.

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Offer valid until: 30 September 2017

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